GIG mbH was founded in February 1998. Then there were seven of us and our focus was Electrical Engineering. In the summer of 1999 we added Heating Engineering to our portfolio and doubled in size to 14 staff.

Since 2000, we've been offering Relocation of Machinery and Systems, a year later we added Crane Technology and in 2002 Plant Engineering and Construction. Our latest expansion took place in the area of Machine Engineering, and over the years our staff has multiplied to about 75.


  • founded in February 1998, Electrical Engineering, 7 staff
  • summer 1999, Heating Engineering, 14 staff
  • 2000 Relocation of Machinery and Systems, 25 staff
  • 2001 Crane Technology
  • 2002 Plant Engineering and Construction, 30 staff
  • 2008 substantial expansion Machine Engineering
  • 2009 75 staff

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